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Pallas 88 Gram CO2 Cartridge

Buy Pallas 88 Gram CO2 Cartridge Online Best Price in Pakistan, Pallas 88g Co2 capsules suitable for many CO2 Airsoft, Air Rifles and Airguns, 88gr CO2 Capsules by Pallas and providing Approx 200 to 300 Full Power Shots Per capsule according to air rifles, Pallas invented the CO2 Powerlet and is the recognized leader in this field! These Pallas High-Grade tanks are prefilled 88g CO2 cylinders and are made to be used with most paintball guns and CO2 air rifles that can use CO2. Since these are filled with CO2 already, they are ready for use at a moment’s notice. The Pallas 88 Gram CO2 cartridges require to use of the 88/90 gram CO2 adapter that is sold separately. The Pallas 88g CO2 Cylinders are non-refillable and made for convenience, so you’ll easily store extras for use during your most intense battles.

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