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Snow Peak M-60 PCP Airgun .22 Cal. on Just Hunters

Snow Peak M-60 PCP Airgun .22 Cal. Price in Pakistan

SNOWPEAK Airgun M60 is a newly Launched PCP M60 is designed to satisfy more pcp air guns lovers. Snow Peak M60 having an option this time, air-tube version and bottle version will be launches soon. By simply replacing the function parts,M60 can adapt to different scenarios. It can be more suitable for long-distance shooting with good accuracy. A new generation of PCP products designed in response to changes in market demand and different user preferences. This product will surely stand out among many products by virtue of its stable performance, excellent accuracy, suitable price, and comprehensive functions.


a. Adjustable Regulator

b. Removable Air Tank

c. Up to 50 Shots Per Fill

d. Detachable Silencer

e. Magazine Capacity: 24 rounds(.177); 20 rounds(.22); 18 rounds(.25)

f. Air Capacity: 205CC

g. Two-stage Adjustable Trigger

h. Maxfill Pressure: 250 bar(3600 psi)

i. Barrel Length: 24"

j. Regulator


Type: PCP

Version: Air-tube Version/ Bottle Version

Caliber: 5.5mm(.22)

Muzzle Velocity: 5.5/1000fps;6.35

Air Tank Capacity: 205CC/350CC

Regulator: Have

Barrel Length: 610mm

Trigger: Adjustable, 1-6Lbs

Hammer Test: 30Lbsx30s

Working Pressure: 25MPa

Silencing Function: Have

Rail Stand: 21.2mm

Magazine: Detachable, 4.5mm 24/ 5.5mm 20/ 6.35mm 18 shots

Package: 2 pcs/ctn

L.W.H.: 925*185*55(mm)

N.W.: 3.0kg-3.1kg

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