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JSB Ultra Shock .22 (5.5) Cal, 25.39 Grains, Hollowpoint, 150ct

JSB Ultra Shock .22 (5.5) Cal, 25.39 Grains, Hollowpoint, 150ct

The JSB Ultra Shock Heavy pellet is not everyone’s idea of what a pellet should look like but results speak for themselves. ULTRA SHOCK pellets have flat heads with a cavity, which give the projectile a significant effect in the target. Enjoy the perfect feeling when you hit exactly and destroy your target, whether it is a ceramic pigeon, a tin squirrel or a paper rat. ULTRA SHOCK pellets are very popular for pest control (in countries where this is allowed by legislation) and work very well from most main and at different levels of muzzle velocity settings.They make excellent target pellets if your rifle likes them as they cut a neat hole on the target card, much like a wad cutter round is designed to do. Use them on rabbits or pigeons and you will have a winner as they dissipate energy very quickly due to their shape. Most spring air rifles can be tuned to run the JSB Ultra Shock Heavy quite well though they tend to shoot better in a PCP.

Calibre: .22 Head Size = 5.50

Quantity Supplied: 150

Weight: 25.39 Grains

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