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Randolph Engineering

RE Ranger frames offer the best in comfort and target enhancement, with a variety of engineered advantages we’ve spent years perfecting. Our brand is driven by the same commitment to performance, precision, and comfort that has elevated our parent company, Randolph Engineering, to one of the most respected eyewear brands in the world.

The first RE Ranger products were crafted and engineered in the early 1990s by our late president Richard Waszkiewicz, the son of Randolph Engineering co-founder Jan Waszkiewicz. Richard partnered with the shooting industry’s leading optical experts to design and execute many of the original styles that form the base for our current line.

Today, RE Ranger continues to strive to deliver the best possible products to our customers. We partner with Olympic and other elite shooters and coaches and spend endless hours field testing in order to create innovative, high quality, and exceptionally high performance shooting eyewear.

AVIATOR Sunglasses AVIATOR Sunglasses
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Brand: Randolph Engineering Model: AVIATOR Sunglasses
AVIATORThe real deal. Our Aviators are built to precise military standards (Mil-S-25948, to be exact). Battle tested and suitable for the most demanding situations, these glasses are worn by U.S. military pilots, tastemakers, and those who demand the best.From their unique bayonet temples that ar..
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