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Umarex Flare Revolver 6mm Mod. 314

Umarex Flare Revolver 6mm Mod. 314

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Compact flare revolver made in Italy under the Umarex trademark. The imitation of shooting from the model is carried out with classic construction cartridges, the caliber of which is 6 mm. The Umarex 314 revolver is only 155 mm long and weighs 360 grams. The body of the model is made of metal, while the handle of the revolver is made of plastic, and due to its shape, The drum of the revolver holds up to 7 cartridges, and to remove it, you need to pull back the ramrod. The trigger mechanism of the revolver is double-acting, so that the signal can be self-cocked, as well as from the pre-cocked hammer. It is important to note that the barrel of the signal revolver is completely muffled, so that the powder gases, when a signal is given, are escaped from the side of the drum of the Umarex 314 revolver, which poses a danger to the user, which is why the signal should be given at a sufficiently substantial distance from people, as well as highly flammable items.

Despite the fact that the revolver is not intended for firing any type of ammunition, the model is equipped with a front sight, as well as the whole, which gives the revolver a realistic appearance. The Umarex 314 signal revolver, despite its small size, can be used for completely different purposes. For example, the model is suitable both as a starting pistol and as a means of scaring away stray animals. In addition, it is important to note that the model is rare, as it is no longer in production, making the revolver very interesting to collectors.

Umarex brand

Country of origin Germany / Made in Italy

Type Flare revolver

Combat counterpart No

Dimensions (Length) 155 mm

Caliber 6 mm

Ammunition Building cartridge 6 mm

Charge 7 rounds

Power source Hilti signal socket brown

BlowBack no

Base material Metal

Shutter material Metal

Frame material Metal

Fire mode Single, double and single action trigger

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