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Snow Peak Airgun T-Rex PCP Air Rifle .22 Cal.

Snow Peak Airgun T-Rex PCP Air Rifle .22 Cal.

Snowpeak T-Rex .22 Caliber Air Rifle is a regulated PCP with a stock made of low-maintenance and light-weight synthetic material. This stock comes with a vertically adjustable cheek pad and a rubber recoil pad that makes shouldering more comfortable and partially absorbs recoil. The air cylinder with a working pressure of 250 bar offers 230 cc’s of pressurized air.

Snowpeak fitted the T-Rex air rifle with open sights, of which the rear sight can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. They also added Weaver/Picatinny rails to the action and forend, which can be used to mount optics and accessories such as a bipod. The shrouded barrel features a moderator that suppresses the muzzle sound of a shot.

The bolt lever can be mounted on the left and right side to suit both left and right-handed shooters. Besides this, the trigger pressure can be adjusted from 2 to 5 lbf (900 to 2300 grams).

The Snowpeak T-Rex airgun comes with a rotating magazine, which has capacity for:

• 10 rounds (5.5 mm / .22)

Multi-shot PCP Rifle

Adjustable Cheekpad

Air Capacity:230CC

Regulator: Yes

Caliber: 5.5/.22

Airtank Capacity: 230CC

Barrel Length: 480mm

Trigger Adjustable, 2-5Lbf

Safety: Manual, 1-6Lbf

Stock: PP

Silencing Function: Yes

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