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Snow Peak T-Rex Bullpup PCP Air Rifle .22 Cal.

Snow Peak T-Rex Bullpup PCP Air Rifle .22 Cal.

Snowpeak T-Rex Bullpup is a regulated PCP air rifle with a stock made of low-maintenance synthetic material. This stock comes with a vertically adjustable cheek pad and a rubber recoil pad that makes shouldering more comfortable and partially absorbs recoil. The versatile airgun boasts a range of impressive features, catering to both precision and power enthusiasts. Available in 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and 6.35mm calibers, it offers flexibility for various shooting preferences. With muzzle velocities ranging from 900fps to 700fps, it delivers consistent and reliable performance. Equipped with a 150CC airtank capacity and a regulator, it ensures sustained pressure and accuracy throughout your shooting sessions. The adjustable trigger, with a range of 2-5Lbf, allows for personalized control, complemented by a manual safety mechanism set between 1-6Lbf. Crafted with a durable PP stock and operating at a working pressure of 25Mpa, it combines resilience with functionality. The magazine capacity ranges from 12 to 9 shots, accommodating different shooting scenarios, while its silencing function ensures discreet operation. Packaged conveniently with two units per carton, weight is 2.3kg, making it portable and practical for various shooting pursuits.The air cylinder with a working pressure of 250 bar offers 120 cc’s of pressurised air.

Snowpeak set this T-Rex variant up in a bull-pup configuration, which increases the barrel length with 50 mm and decreases the total length of the rifle with 200 mm. They also added Weaver/Picatinny rails to the action and forend, which can be used to mount optics and accessories such as a bipod. The partially shrouded barrel features a moderator that suppresses the muzzle sound of a shot.

The side lever can be mounted on the left and right side to suit both left and right-handed shooters. Besides this, the trigger pressure can be adjusted from 2 to 5 lbf (900 to 2300 grams).

This Snowpeak T-Rex Bullpup airgun comes with a rotating magazine, which has capacity for 10 rounds (5.5 mm / .22)

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