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Gamo 12g CO2 Cartridge Pack of 5 Capsules

Gamo 12g CO2 Cartridge Pack of 5 Capsules

Buy Gamo Gold Series 12g CO2 Capsule Online Best Price in Pakistan, 12g Co2 capsules suitable for many CO2 Airsoft, Air Pistol and Airguns, 12gr CO2 Capsules by Gamo and providing Approx 50 to 60 Full Power Shots Per capsule, it contains silicone lubricant to maintain performance and condition of your weapon, Gamo Co2 cartridge suitable for all Co2 air pistols and rifles and 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges (Unthreaded) Gamo Co2 carteidge is compatible airsoft/BB/paintball guns and provides a strong and consistent power source for your airsoft competition game that does not require recharging. You will need a CO2-compatible airsoft gun.

Quantity: 5 Pcs in a Pack

  • NOTE: The 12g unthreaded CO2 cartridges are NOT designed for CO2 Drain Line Cleaner or CO2 Tire Inflator. They normally use 16 gram cartridges instead. Please refer to your product manual and buy the correct type of cartridges for your own device.

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