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Huben Airguns

Huben Airguns

HUBEN is an emerging brand in the global airgun industry. It is dedicated to R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-precision and long-range airguns. After years of effort, it has successfully developed a new structure - hammerless semiautomatic excitation mechanism for PCP airguns, and applied for patents for it in many countries. The working principle of the hammerless mechanism is as follows: after the trigger is pulled to release the sear, air pressure pushes the piston backward. Driven by the piston, the air valve opens the air passage and the pellet is propelled out. Then the air passage is cut off by an adjustable shut-off valve. After that, the air pressure pushing the piston backward disappears, and the piston returns to its original position under the force of the spring, thus achieving automatic hooking.

The mechanism boasts the following features: 
High pressure valve opening. Theoretically, increasing the air pressure makes opening the valve easier. 
The air passage diameter can be very large (even larger than the barrel diameter). Therefore, the airflow resistance is extremely low. Because of these two features, the kinetic energy is maximized. 
The piston stroke is short and the piston itself is light weighted. Therefore, the valve opening speed is very high in a very short period of time and the vibration is small, significantly enhancing the shooting accuracy. 
The shut-off valve is at the core of this technology. It can shut off the air passage according to the airflow speed. The wider the shut-off valve opens, the faster the airflow speed for cutting off the air passage will be, or vice versa. As a result, the muzzle velocity can be adjusted steplessly and easily in a wide range by adjusting the opening of the shut-off valve. You can adjust the projectile to any muzzle velocity you want. The air passage is cut off before the projectile leaves the barrel, thus preventing air waste. The muzzle velocity fluctuation is very small, generally less than 3 meters per second.

In addition, to enhance the gas storage pressure of PCP airguns and increase the number of firings, HUNBEN has also developed a manual pressure pump working under a pressure of 35 MPa and a constant pressure valve that adjusts the pressure.

With all these features, HUBEN products are bound to bring you unprecedented using experiences. As it goes global in 2015, HUBEN will continue to cater for your needs!

Huben K1 Air Rifle .22 (5.5)

Brand: Huben Airguns

Product Code: Huben K1


1.      1. Revolutionary hammerless semi-automatic valve (provides flawless function and ease of use)


2. With microporous exhaust silencer (superior sound moderation)


3. With a serviceable and replaceable filter (insures a long service life of all internal components at almost no extra cost, any filter-paper and filter-cotton, even tissue or desiccant can be used)


4. 19-pellets rotary magazine (close to double capacity of other pre charged air rifles)


5. Adjustable constant pressure valve (not just the consistent shot to shot velocity of a premium grade air rifle, but micro adjustment can be made for specific pellet weight)


6. Adjustable energy (the extreme range of adjustment in energy, to please the most demanding airgun enthusiast)


7. All titanium air cylinder (much higher fill pressure can be used and will add to the overall appeal of the semi-automatic capability)

8. Lothar Walther barrel.

9. Cocking System: Semi Automatic

10. Weight: 3.5 Kg

11. Overall Length: 830 mm

12. Barrel Length: 600 mm

13. Energy: 8 J - 100 J Adjustable

14. Trigger Pull: 1.6 Kg

15. Trigger: Two stage mechanical release adjustable for length of stage

16. Cylinder Capacity: 300 CC

17: Fill Pressure: 35 MPA

18. Working Pressure: Regulated from 12 - 22 MPA adjustable

19: Safety: Manual

20. Magzine: 19 Pellets Rotary

21. Shots per Charge: 80 shots on 55J and 38 shots  on 95J

22. Velocity Fluctuation: <3mps

1.      1. Revolutionary hammerless semi-automatic valve (provides flawless fun..
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