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MOJO Outdoors™began life in the State of Louisiana with the invention and development, by real hunters, of the MOJO Mallard® Spinning Wing Duck Decoy, which went on to become a phenomena in the world of duck hunting. With its realistic body, its large and practically unstoppable direct drive motor, highly reflective aluminum wings and rugged, dependable operation, it quickly took the market, making the name "MOJO" synonymous with "quality and success".

Expanding on this phenomenal product, we soon became MOJO Decoys®, with a complete line of motion decoys, which included several models of duck decoys, plus goose, dove, crow, owl and like decoys. With these expansions, we became THE name in motion decoys.

Our products were so well accepted that we soon became more than decoys, so we renamed ourselves MOJO Outdoors™ where we continue to expand our product line to bring outdoorsmen and women a broad line of quality products to make you more successful and comfortable in the great outdoors.

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MOJO Floater Mallard by Mojo Outdoor

The MOJO Floater has been one of the most popular decoys MOJO has offered; however, the original m..

Rs.11,500 Ex Tax: Rs.11,500

Mojo Outdoor Teal Decoy

MOJO introduces the TOTALLY NEW MOJO Teal with SUPER FAST WINGS - a whole new concept in duck huntin..

Rs.7,500 Ex Tax: Rs.7,500

Baby Mojo Drake or Hen

All of the effectiveness of a MOJO Mallard® decoy, but in a smaller package! The Baby MOJO is appro..

Rs.9,500 Ex Tax: Rs.9,500